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CoolTops offers fleet discounting to keep your people comfortable, productive and safe.

Keep your team comfortable and productive with American-made CoolTops. Designed for equipment fleet operators, these fan-powered canopies provide shade, cool breezes, and protection from the elements so your people can perform their best.

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Invest in Your People

Working long hours operating mowers, tractors, and other landscape vehicles takes a toll in the hot sun. CoolTops shade canopies with built-in fans give your team welcome relief they’ll appreciate. This small investment in their comfort goes a long way in morale and productivity.

Invest in Quality Work

When operators are refreshed and focused, they perform higher quality work. CoolTops keep personnel alert by blocking blinding and burning sun rays and keeping dust and particles away from the operator. Fans circulate fresh, clean air to revive spirits. The result is care taken in tasks like mowing, turf maintenance, and operating heavy equipment.

American-Made Durability

You take pride in what you do. We take pride in what we do! We are dedicated to building top notch products. Constructed of powder coated steel and high-grade aluminum components, CoolTops are built to last in tough outdoor conditions. All electrical components and fans are U.S. sourced as well. CoolTops stand up to years of regular use thanks to sturdy and smart engineering.

Outfit Your Whole Fleet

With standard sizing designed for leading equipment brands, CoolTops fit a wide variety of mowers, tractors and utility vehicles. Purchase a canopy for each vehicle in your fleet so every operator can reap the benefits of cooling shade and air flow all shift long. Discounts available!

CoolTops Fleet Pricing for John Deere and More!

Keep your team performing at their best this season.

Invest in shade canopies with built-in fans for your entire fleet. CoolTops are the smart solution to boost productivity under the summer sun. Contact us below and outfit your crews today.

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