Gator Windshield

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Keep the bugs and wind out of your face! Made of durable 3/16″ high impact acrylic. 50% acrylic and 50% DR!!

DR is an impact thermoplastic acrylic resin formulated for rugged use, and provides 10 times the impact and UV resistance of standard acrylics!

Easy to install, and FOLDS down due to permanently bonded hinge. Black windshield fasteners are made from extruded black PVC to hold up against UV damage and extreme weather.

Product Features

Maximum Coverage

Provide excellent protection from the weather.

High Impact Resistant

Made fromTough Acrylic.

Easy Installation

Incredibly easy to install and remove to store.

Two Year Warranty

We stand behind our products.


Easy to Fold-Down

Gator Front Windshield Specs

Product Part Number Product Description
FRONT WINDSHIELD JG411A Front Windshield fits all Traditional GatorsAll T Series Gator Models

“I use my Gator to do chores around the Equestrian farm. Buying an Eclipse Gator top has added to the comfort of working in the sun. I installed the top myself using the tools at hand in my barn. It’s tough and will take a beating.”

– Julie JL Winding Road Horse Farm